Frequently Asked Questions

What is an epoxy floor?

A liquid resin is mixed with a hardner to form a coating which bonds to concrete floors. This protective coating is extremely durable and long lasting.

How long do epoxy floors typically last?

Epoxy floor coatings will last beyond ten years in most applications and can be revived with a simple clear coat to return floors to their original brilliance.

How long does the process take?

The process will take 3-5 five days depending on the square footage and condition of your concrete floor.

How long before I can walk/drive on my floor?

Regular foot traffic can resume after 24 hours and vehicular traffic and heavy objects can resume after 48 hours of curing time.

Does it require any maintenance or additional care?

Epoxy floors can be cleaned with a light detergent and water.  Garage floors with a flake finish clean-up best with a power washer.

What is the difference between a Flake floor and a Reflector floor?

Flake floors are installed in heavier traffic areas due to their durability and uncommon ability to hide dirt and grime. In addition, flake floors have a textured surface which provides a natural non-slip aspect to the floor. Flake floors are popular for residential garages, utility rooms, public bathrooms, warehouses, auto and machine shops, and restaurant kitchens.

Reflector floors are more often installed in finished areas such as finished basements, offices, retail spaces, medical spaces, and restaurant dining rooms. During application, powdered metal is swirled into the epoxy base coat resulting in a unique finish with color, depth, and dimension.  You won’t find two Reflector floors that look exactly alike!

Is the epoxy safe for a household?

The products we use for installing epoxy floors have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), so they are environmentally friendly.

What should I clean my floor with?

To clean your floor, use Dawn dish soap or TSP cleaner.